Privacy Policy

Keeping your personal data secure is a very important issue for us. The following information explains to you what kind of data is stored and how it will be used.


1. Application Area
2. Use And Circulation Of Your Personal Data
3. Cookies
4. Newsletter
5. Competitions
6. Links to offers from third parties
7. Enquiries Or Deleting Your Data
8. Changes In The Privacy Policy

1. Application Area

This privacy policy is valid for all Lyoness websites that contain e.g. a link on every page redirecting to it. Please take into consideration, that the data protection regulations may differ on some of the Lyoness websites, depending on the country.

2. Use And Circulation Of Your Personal Data

"Personal data" refers to any information about personal or material circumstances that can be attributed to you directly or indirectly (e.g. through a Member ID). Personal data include for example, your name, address, telephone number and date of birth. In order to use your Member's account or Loyalty Merchant's account, it is necessary for us to know your personal data.

We use your personal data in accordance with the Austrian data protection law. When you pass personal data over to us (i.e. when you register as a Member or you send us an enquiry as a Loyalty Merchant), we enter and process the information you have given us so that we can communicate with you, carry out our services or your assignment and process technical administration. Furthermore, we can use your personal data for all other purposes of which you have given us your consent, i.e. to inform you of offers being made by Lyoness and our Loyalty Merchants.

Your personal data is basically only used by the company that is named in the company info on the website. To carry out our services, communicate with Members and manage our online presence we potentially use the services of certain service providers. We can assure you that we have committed these service providers to use your personal data solely to carry out our assignments. The service providers have been barred from further use of this data.

Your personal data will only be passed over to a third party, if and when it is necessary to carry out a contracted assignment, or you have previously agreed for us to do so. Lyoness is an internationally active concern. Our business activities, management structure and our technical infrastructure exceed the national borders. We will possibly pass your personal data over to other concern members, if and when it is necessary for the provision of a certain service. All of these companies have committed themselves to use your personal data for the sole purpose for which it was given, as referred to in the Austrian data protection declaration.

Under the 8th Principle of the Data Protection Act 1998, we do not require any additional approval to transfer your personal data to other Members of the European Economic Area, to Switzerland or to other countries that observe data protection laws. If we are required to transfer your personal data to a country that does not fall into the categories named above, we shall obtain your separate approval in advance.

3. Cookies

You can use part of our web offer without sharing personal information. However, we gather specific information which are provided by your browser during the use of our website (this includes, name of the file call up, date and time of the call up, amount of transferred data, note of successful call up, type of web browser, language and site domain where you come from), to collect statistical data about the use and effectiveness of our website and adapt it to the needs of our users. We make a protocol of every website access and every called up file deposited on our website.

Our websites use so-called Cookies, which are small text files that are stored on your computer and can be called up from there. Cookies serve the purpose of registering you for the use of our services, and make it possible to personalise the web performance for you.

We use the tracking service provider "Google Analytics" to register and analyse online activities. Web tracking reveals important information about the user's behaviour on our website and therefore makes it possible for us to achieve effective efficiency checks of our online activities. We have extended Google Analytics by implementing the "_anonymizeIP();" code to ensure an anonymous acquisition of IP-addresses, and to avoid exposure of personal identification. This means that the evaluation follows anonymously and therefore cannot be traced back to you. Google Analytics also makes use of Cookies that are stored on your computer, which make it possible to analyse the use of the website through you. The information (including your IP address) collected through the Cookie about your visit to this website, will be used to evaluate the use of our website, create reports about the website activities and provide further services for the use of the website and internet. As the case may be, Google will also pass this information over to third parties providing it is lawfully required to do so, or when Google assigns an appropriate third party to process this data. Google will under no circumstances connect your IP address with other data stored by them. You can object to Google Analytics gathering and using your IP address at any time by downloading a deactivation tool on In doing this, you may not be able use all of the features on this website to the full.

Our sites may contain so-called Web Beacons, these are small graphics that you can't see, which help us to detect interactions with our website, to set Cookies or find out the number of visitors. We can put Web Beacons or special coded links in our newsletter and marketing mails, to find out if the news was read, or if links in the news were clicked on, so that we can evaluate if the mails were successful or not, from the statistics.

For a purchase from an online shop we set a Cookie with your Member ID, so that we can allocate your purchase to your account. When you buy goods or order a service from our Loyalty Merchants, the relevant website informs us of the sales through a 1-Pixel graphic and a Cookie.

You can set your web browser to refuse all, or certain cookies. Please take notice, that you cannot use all features and offers on our website, if you don't accept the Cookies. As already mentioned, the Cookie technology is necessary to track your online shopping and pay out the respective Member Benefits.

Through using our website you automatically declare that you agree to the use of the Cookies and Web Beacons mentioned above.

Find out more about Cookies at Wikipedia:

4. Newsletter

If you would like to have a newsletter offered on our website, sent to you, we would need a valid Email address and information that helps us to check that the Email address is yours, and that the address owner agrees to receive the newsletter. Further data will not be needed. Your agreement to us saving this information, your Email address, and the use of the newsletter being sent to you, can be cancelled at any time in your Lyoness Cockpit under Personal Details settings.

5. Competitions

Lyoness organises all sorts of competitions from time to time. By participating in a competition you automatically accept that Lyoness Cyprus Ltd. may save and use the personal data (such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, Email address) with which you have registered, for advertising and marketing purposes, as well as to pass it over to employees of the Lyoness concern for advertising and marketing purposes. Naturally, you can cancel this agreement free of charge, in writing or by Email to spam@gohere.go at any time. We can define special Terms of Use for individual competitions that serve to complete or amend these so-called basic conditions.

6. Links To Offers From Third Parties

Our website may contain links to web offers from third parties. We do not have any influence on this website or on the presentation and contents, as well as how they handle personal data, therefore we do not accept any responsibility. Please read through the relevant privacy policy on the linked website.

7. Enquiries Or Deleting Your Data

If you have any questions about the use of your data, or you wish to correct or delete it, please contact the following address:

Lyoness Cyprus Ltd.

Griva Digeni 25, Office 304
6035 Larnaca

Tel: +357-248-19199
Fax: +357-248-19188
E-Mail: spam@gohere.go

For data protection, the responsible contracting party is:

mWS myWorld Solutions AG
Grazbachgasse 87-93
8010 Graz

8. Changes In The Privacy Policy

We will amend this privacy policy from time to time, taking into consideration feedback from our Members and Loyalty Merchants, and to allow for changes made on our services. Therefore, please check this document regularly to see if any amendments have been made.

Version: November 2017