Customer loyalty as the basis for a successful future

Welcome to a new era of customer loyalty with UTERM.

Welcome to a new era of customer loyalty with UTERM. You can now attract and manage new and loyal customers more efficiently, quickly discover your customers' wishes and can also speed up the process of recording and establishing sales, deals and newsletters. Register today to learn about everything you can achieve with our universal customer loyalty tools.

Record sales in just a few seconds

Thanks to UTERM, recording sales has become a lot easier for yourself and your customers. If a customer would like to use one of your deals, but has not yet secured it, you can do so for him and can also directly redeem the deal. With just one click, you can send out an invitation for your loyalty programme and thereby grant even more customers the opportunity to benefit from your deals. You can benefit from recording the sales in one single place, which gives you a perfect overview of your daily turnover and customer sales.

A perfect overview of all customers thanks to your CRM

Maintain an overview of all your customers, whether they are a Member of Cashback World or not. The CRM module is your customer list from which you can establish customer groups using specific filters. Importing new customers or customer groups is easy and grants you an overview of your top customers, upcoming birthdays or your newest customers. You thereby have the opportunity to specifically target various customer types. You can also invite existing customers to become loyal customers with just one simply click.

Share your offers with customers via newsletters

Inform your customers per newsletter of special events and offers and animate them to shop at your store. Defining and maintaining target groups only takes a few steps and allows you to target individual customer groups, thereby ensuring that your customers always receive offers that are relevant to them. This not only increases their satisfaction but also piques their interest. Thanks to the intuitive newsletter creation which includes adaptable templates, your personalised info mails can be sent with minimum effort either immediately or according to your own schedule.

Inquire about your customers' wishes

Make your customers happy, by taking their requests and wishes into account when making your business decisions. The customer satisfaction survey helps you increase customer satisfaction. By receiving direct feedback from your customers, you can find out where there is still room for improvement when it comes to quality and service. The module allows you to quickly create a customer satisfaction survey with which you can find out exactly what your customers want by using predefined questions or by creating your own. Based on various statistics, you can immediately determine which topics are of particular interest to your customers. This allows you to always remain a step ahead when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Effortlessly manage your employee accounts

UTERM simplifies the work for your employees, by only granting them access to the areas they actually require. Under user management, you can create and maintain all users and grant them specific accesses according to their role in your company. If necessary, you can also quickly block or delete an account. You can thereby easily reduce unnecessary administrative expenses.