– Money back with every purchase –

The Cashback Solutions products are your gateway to a global shopping community with millions of Members, that offer benefits to both the shoppers and yourself as a Loyalty Merchant. The Members benefit from Cashback and Shopping Points for every purchase made at your store. The accumulated Shopping Points can then be redeemed for offers in form of Shopping Point Deals.

As a Loyalty Merchant you will be extensively marketed, receive new customers and will be increasingly sought after by Members, as they enjoy shopping benefits when shopping at your store.

  • Constant price comparisons are leading to pricing battles within your industry
  • Customers increasingly shop at shopping centres
  • The fierce competition of online shops are influencing your company's sales

With the Cashback Solutions program you can solve these entrepreneurial challenges!

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Chain stores & large companies, International brands

Do you operate an online shop?


Are you familiar with any of the following scenarios?

  • Are you on the lookout for new groups of customers who love to shop so that you can increase your sales and improve your position on the market?
  • Would you like to have access to amazing marketing campaigns as part of a worldwide shopping community that covers both physical stores and online shopping?
  • Are you keen to tap into new target markets to raise your products' international profile but still haven't found the perfect way to expand into new markets?
We have the answer!
Make use of the Cashback Solutions products as an online Loyalty Merchant and benefit from:
  • Increased sales
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Retaining loyal customers
  • Target-oriented approach
  • Informative reports and evaluations
Benefit now!

Your increased sales

More opportunities for your company!

As an online Loyalty Merchant with a Cashback Program from Cashback Solutions, you are part of a global shopping community with millions of Members. Thanks to the benefits, our Members prefer to shop at our Loyalty Merchants both online and in store. Furthermore, our Members shop more frequently and spend more money at Loyalty Merchants than their other regular customers.

Make use of our global shopping community's potential!

Your new customers

Little investment, great results!

In our shopping community you can reach out to target groups effectively, provide and communicate exclusive offers and attract new customers in a cost-efficient manner! As an online Loyalty Merchant you can use your Cashback Program to turn these shoppers into your loyal customers.

Look forward to increased purchases with a significantly higher average order value!

Your loyal customers

A solid and strong bond!

Would you like to improve your customer loyalty strategy and use a comprehensive online customer loyalty program at the same time? We can offer you both.

You will be saving both time and money, while we enthuse our Members for your brand!

Your target groups

No divergence losses!

Reach out to your target groups online without divergence losses! Simply define your criteria and activate your most important customer segments with your Cashback Program.

Your exclusive Shopping Point Deals and offers establish your products relevance for our customers and therefore create sustainable success - all tailored to your specific target group.

Your added value

Your success in a global market!

Would you like to tap into new markets with your online store? Thanks to our global presence and continuous expansion, your entry into the worldwide market with our shopping community is simple.

Establish your business on a regional, national and international level and increase your online sales!

Your reports

Decisions without any uncertainties!

Success can only be achieved on a long term basis, if you can evaluate it! Explore all results and outcomes in detail and analyse the causes and effects.

Receive comprehensive reports on our, and therefore your, customers' activities with our state-of-the-art tracking technology and have all relevant figures available to you at a glance.

Your multi-channel marketing

Successful marketing normally requires a certain amount of investment in order to increase sales. We do it the other way around! As a Loyalty Merchant you will receive the marketing opportunities free of charge, because when you benefit we benefit too.

The world of our shopping community offers nearly unlimited opportunities for your company to take centre stage on a cross-media level. Whether its banners, newsletters or social media - we actively support you in achieving a strong brand presence.

Quality criteria for Online Loyalty Merchants

To enable us to offer you and our Members the best quality possible, we require our online shops to meet the following basic criteria:

Set Up
  • Clear structure and product range
  • Simple navigation, easy-to-follow sales process
  • Range of products that can compete on the market, both in terms of quality and quantity
  • Compatibility with standard payment options in the country in question
  • End-to-end booking process
Look & Feel
  • Cutting-edge, quality design
  • Consistent look & feel
  • Use of the latest standard technology
  • Use of cookies must be possible

No content that displays or glorifies racism, pornography, violence or gambling.

What does it cost?

Running costs

A monthly cost of $26 USD is due if at least 10 sales per month are generated at your shop by Members of the shopping community.

One-off costs

For the integration into the shopping community's online shopping world, a one-off fee of $1000 USD will be charged.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

If you are an online company without a commercial property please contact us for further information on Cashback Solutions' offers.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

We have some questions for you:

  • Would you like to offer attractive added value without a large investment?
  • Would you like to cut your marketing costs but still run successful marketing campaigns?
  • Fed up of struggling against large multi-national businesses?
  • Keen to learn more about your customers as well as your market and its potential?
There is a simple solution to the problems above:
Cashback Solutions!
The Cashback Solutions products are the ideal tool for
  • Increased sales
  • Gaining new customers
  • Retaining loyal customers
  • Target-oriented approach
  • Informative evaluation of your company's statistics
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Generating additional income
Become a Loyalty Merchant

Your increased sales

More opportunities for your company!

The Members of your shopping community shop more frequently and spend more money at our Loyalty Merchant than their own customers, as they enjoy the shopping benefits.

Make use of our global shopping community's potential!

Your new customers

Little investment, great results!

With a Cashback Solutions Cashback Program you can reach out to target groups effectively, provide and communicate exclusive offers and attract new customers in a cost-efficient way!

As your personal customer loyalty program is integrated in your Cashback Program, these customers will become your loyal customers.

Your loyal customers

Long-term and successful customer relationships!

Without having to make any large financial investment, you will receive your own loyalty card in your corporate design and can turn customers into loyal customers with the help of attractive offers.

Your professional customer database provides you with all contacts and appointments at a glance and enables you to plan your actions and events for loyal customers precisely!

Your target groups

No divergence losses!

Define your individual target groups and establish better-targeted communication with these customer groups.

Thanks to exclusive Shopping Point Deals for new and loyal customers, you can also address your target groups directly with appropriate offers!

It doesn't matter where your customers accumulated the Shopping Points - they can always redeem them with you!

Your statistics

Decisions without any uncertainties!

Access a complete overview of the most important key facts regarding your company at the touch of a button.

  • Sales, transactions and average purchase amounts filtered according to gender
  • The percentage of sales made by new and loyal customers
  • Sales distribution according to age group, day of the week and region
  • A comparison of the increases/decreases in your company's sales with the increases/decreases in the rest of your sector; gains and declines are thus displayed in context

With the help of this data, you will be able to recognize trends, react to these and make the right decisions. This will guarantee your company's success in the long-term!

Your customer satisfaction

Make your customers happy!

Get to know your customers, strengthen your relationship with customers and make your customers happy!

Surveys that are quick to create can be sent via email immediately after a customer has shopped with you, provide you with rapid feedback and enable you to better address your customers' wishes.

This will strengthen the relationship with your customers and their trust in your company!

Your additional income

Benefit from third party sales!

What do you currently earn when your customers shop at your competitors?

Most likely, nothing. Register your customers as Members to the shopping community with the Terminal App and benefit not only from their purchases made at your company, but also from their purchases made at all Loyalty Merchants, your competitors included! Thanks to the hundreds of chain stores, thousands of online shops and tens of thousands of SMEs who are Loyalty Merchants, the Members you registered have many opportunities to take advantage of the shopping benefits - and you too can benefit!

Start benefiting now!

Order your very own Cashback Program for small and medium-sized enterprises today!

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If you are a small or medium-sized enterprise with less than 10 branches and have further questions about the Cashback Solutions products, then do not hesitate to contact us:

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Chain stores & large companies, international brands

"Money back with every purchase" is the clear message for all Members in our international Shopping Community. A collaboration with Cashback Solutions offers chain stores numerous benefits. They not only have access to their own customer base, but also to all participants of the shopping community. Make use of the advantages of an existing customer network with increased sales and earnings growth for your company.

We will create a customized offer for our common goals:

  • Higher customer frequency and increase of sales
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Sustainable customer loyalty
  • Expansion of market share
  • Professional multi-channel marketing
  • Cultivating a stronger brand image
  • Exclusive survey findings on customer behavior and needs
Please do not hesitate to contact us!

If you are a chain store or large company with more than 10 branches and have further questions about the Cashback Solutions products, then do not hesitate to contact us: